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ICMC General Hospital

International cardiovascular & medical Center (iCMC) S.Co was established in 2008 and form its own specialty hospital which is the first publicly owned in the country that provide medical service for cardiac patients for both local and international residents of Ethiopia.

Over the past years, the hospital served over 305,000 inpatients and outpatients. The hospital provides a 24/7 medical services for both in and out patients with a limited number of beds. It provides high quality emergency services delivered by the skilled specialist and motivated staff. The hospital building has three main gates which is very suitable for all patients to in and out freely from any hospital acquired infection.

As a registered company the hospital fulfills all the requirements standardized by the MoH, and fully furnished and is working at full capacity.

Principal Aims

Our Principal Aims

  • Providing the best possible care for in and out-patients.
  • Providing effecient and reliable laboratory and radiology services.
  • Ensure quality and affordable medical treatment for patients.
  • Implement improved health care technologies and disseminate information.

Board & Managment

Current Board & Management Members

Vision Mission

ICMC General Hospital


To be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees in the country because of our preeminent patients care and on job training to the staff.


provide a responsive healing environment, accessible, companionate, high quality, cost effective healthcare to the community with a reasonable price and earn an acceptable profit.


  • Ethical
  • Passionate
  • Compasionate
  • Profesional